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Extra Care For You and Your Vehicle

In these uncertain times, know that Quick Lane® is beyond dedicated to helping keep you and your vehicle safely on your way. 


Protect Your Passengers From Viruses, Bacteria

Most people are conscientious about cleaning their surroundings at home and office to prevent virus transfer. What about your car?

Your vehicle is a closed environment perfect for harboring allergens and germs and viruses including COVID-19.

Avoid Vehicle Breakdown With Semi-Annual Check-Up

Nobody likes to be caught off-guard, especially with vehicle problems. Getting a multi-point inspection should come well before packing up for that road trip this summer.

Improve Value Of Your Vehicle With A Simple Facelift

Dents and dings are a scourge for anyone who values their vehicle’s appearance. What can be done to return a vehicle to its original condition and not max out your credit card?

Hazard Ahead: Tips For Avoiding Road Debris

Never underestimate the destructive power of an inanimate object in the roadway. A shredded tire--or any large debris--poses significant risks to you and your vehicle.

Road Rage: Tips To Help Drivers Keep Their Cool

What causes road rage? 

One expert believes it's partially due to an unwarranted sense of road ownership or superiority felt by drivers. 

“Drivers of all ages get the sense they own the road,” said Dr. Bob Nemerovski, a Bay Area psychologist and expert on road rage. “In reality, everyone’s time is valuable and we’re in a shared community when we’re driving.”

Plug Into A Better Understanding Of Your Vehicle

You can’t get much information by looking at the little yellow “check engine” light on your dashboard. And there’s good reason for that.

The icon represents literally hundreds of potential problems ranging from simple fixes to complete overhauls. Automotive technicians rely on expensive diagnostic tools to root out the problem.

Ready To Serve At Your Convenience

Take advantage of convenient services and April offers to maintain the health of your vehicle during stay-at-home restrictions being implemented nationwide.

Go Green With Wash Spray Nozzles That Also Save Time

Saving water also means saving money and a precious resource for drought-prone areas. A quality hose nozzle can dramatically cut down on the amount of water used for keeping your pride-and-joy clean.

Black Vehicle Trim That Turns Heads

Georgeous black trim makes your vehicle stand out in crowd. It enhances the colors and offers a look of class.

Prevent daily driving from spoiling your vehicle’s beautiful black finishes.